Montag, 9. Juni 2008

Eurobrigade fixes a boiler for rakia

There is a nuclear physicist, sociologist and lawyer in it

By Elizabeth Radkova

Like the Phoenix bird out if the ashes came the kazan (boiler) for rakia in the village of Gorna Bela Rechka.

The revivers of the village boiler was a nuclear physicist and a sociologist from Holland, a lawyer from Switzerland, two Austrian students, a Bulgarian ecologist from the Bulgarian Academy of Science. Three years ago, Herbert Heuss passed accidentally by the demolished building. People explained to him that the village boiler used to be on this place. Unknown thiefs took the copper boiler, going directly through the thin wall of the building where it was placed.

When the village was left without this important unifying center, the people had to roast their rakia in the boiler of the neighboring village.

Touched by the heavy plight of the villagers in Gorna Bela Rechka, Herbert decided to restore the gleam in the eyes of the grandfathers. Through the organization International Bauorden he summoned volunteers from all over Europe and arrived to mend the evil. 6 foreigners and 2 Bulgarians pulled up their sleeves and only in 10 days erected the new building for the boiler – this time with solid walls to avoid new mishaps.

- Reportage about the boiler – in the next issue.


On the small picture Herbert shows the boiler construction in which Gorna Bela Rechka will roast rakia.

The building where the copper boiler for alcohol production is placed has thick walls and a solid roof.

In: 24 hours. 26. May 2008. Translated from Bulgarian by Radmila Mladenova.

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