Sonntag, 2. November 2008

Das ist Bauorden (to be continued...)

Hello dear friends!
We are the group of volunteers in IBO (Germany). We are international group of young people. Some of us are long term volunteers for one year and others short term volunteers for two weeks or two months and even more. International group means that there are people from different countries, with different traditions, believes and languages. Yes, that´s the point different means different, but for us does not matter, we are like a big family, trying to understand and appreciate each other, otherwise would be really difficult to live together. And so step by step and day by day we see how our friendship becomes stronger.

Let´s talk a bit about the people in our group. Moritz, Levent, Naira and Andrey gonna stay for one year and Lena, Vladimir and Plamen for three months. Jonathan and Adrian already left us. But we are sure that to work with us was a pleasure for them as well like for us. We are working together in different camps, where we stay for week or two. The work is not difficult usually. And even if it is hard to do, our boys physically are not really pop corns, they have muscles and they are not using them only for playing table football, but also to do really good work.

When one half of group is working in camps, the long term volunteers who still don´t speak German and are communicating mostly in English have a German classes and are hardly trying to improve their knowledge.

Yap ...still trying :) even during sleeping ...and our friends are helping us.

And Franz-Adolf also helps us... I can´t say who is he until u won´t join our circle.

So let´s say who are these persons and what are they doing... Naira from Georgia, 22 years old, graduated in Social and political sciences, future foreign minister :))) Lena from Russia, 23 years old, graduated in History of culture and worked as a guide in her native city St. Petersburg. She´s quit good even in Germany, she was the one reading and explaining to us during our travel in different places in Germany. Moritz from Germany, 23 years old, born to be intellectual, `I think it is possible` :) Vladimir from Russia, 26 years old, graduated in faculty of Biology. Maybe future great pianist.

And of course Andrey from Russia 21 years old, graduated in foreign languages and future teacher of English language. Levent from Bulgaria 22 ears old, future singer. At least seems he is good in it.

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