Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009

Go to live with Bauorden!

Ich bin wirklich ein Fan des Bauordens! - these words are from interview, which my friend gave to one of the newspapers. I made a lot of jokes about this phrase, like he is praying for Bauorden and can't live without "baucamps", but actually "Ich bin es auch!"

Foto 1
Ich möchte mich vorstellen – Ich heise Lena Bobrova, ich bin aus Russland, St. Petersburg. Zuerst: Ich mag mein Programm für drei Monate. Das war sehr gut organisiert and fited me a lot. Ich habe meine Universität im Sommer absolviert und Kulturgeschichte studiert. Im Jahr 2007 war ich das erste Mal in Deutschland. Ich habe zwei Wochen beim Folklore Festival gearbeitet, das war wirklich toll für mich. Und später habe ich mich entschieden, Deutsch zu studieren.

Foto 2 (Das russische Mädchen im bayerischen Dorf)
When I finished University I wanted to make something interesting, get new experience, see new people and places. So I decided to go to Germany for some time. But I wanted to have feeling that I’m not usual tourist, I was dreaming about something more substantial. In this case for me position of volunteer is the best. Because it’s a mix of normal working, life and sightseeing. And also it is beautiful when you can help people, having a lot of fun.

Foto 3 (in Regensburg), 4
And then I just found Bauorden in internet. Before I never associate myself with “Baustelle”, but then I found out that working there for three months is really ok for me, “kein Problem”. I was surprised that Bauorden can compensate my travel costs and give some pocket money. May be for Germany or Europe it’s quite usual, but I’m afraid in Russia volunteer organizations can’t afford it yet, because they are too young and inexperienced.

Foto 5 (Baustelle kann romantisch sein), 6
Ich denke, das ist super, dass du mit verschiedenen jungen Leuten zusammen arbeiten, reisen und jede zweite Woche an einen neuen Ort gehen kannst. So finally I can say that my dreams came true:
1) I found new friends from Russia,Germany, Georgia and Poland;
2) I saw a lot in Germany – cities, palaces, gardens and cathedrals about which I was reading in books. And before I came back to St. Petersburg I visited Amsterdam and Paris.
3) Und jetzt kann ich ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen und ich verstehe es besser.
4) Ich habe entdeckt, dass ich Wände bauen und Decken streichen kann.

Foto 7 (Köln), 8 (Paris)
When you travel you know not only new places and receive impressions, but also better understand yourself. It had happened to me. I’ve found new ideas for my future, thought what possible to improve in Russia, had a great school of communication, lived active life (driving bicycle and going to swimming pool almost every week) and of cause had great, amazing and unimaginable parties!!!

Foto 9 (Crazy party with friends)
Danke für diese drei Monate! =)))

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